Review the following SAQ prompts. Consider what elements you should choose to discuss in your answer.
Each answer should not take more than 15 minutes to write.

Question 1
Assess one application of theories or findings of empirical studies from the biological perspective.

  • Define application
  • List theories we have covered
  • Choose one application
  • Ensure you discuss the applications' advantages and disadvantages
  • What evidence will you choose to support your answer?

Question 2
Using an example from a psychological study, explain one ethical consideration of research related to the biological perspective

  • ensure you address ethics
  • justify the ethical consideration you raise

Question 3
Explain the role of neurotransmitters in the brain.

Question 4
With reference to one psychological construct explain the relative influence of inherited and environmental factors upon human development.

Question 5
Identify two historical or cultural factors and explain their influence on the development of the biological perspective.

(Questions 6 - 10 are from John Crane's website)
Question 6
Identify and evaluate one theoretical explanation of behaviour from the biological perspective.

Question 7
A: Identify one research method used by psychologists working within the biological perspective and describe how this method has been applied in one empirical study (4 marks)
B: Identify one strength and one limitation of the method described in part A. (4 marks)

Question 8
Examine ethical controversies related to one method associated with the biological perspective.

Question 9
Outline one basic assumption on which the biological perspective is based and choose one study that demonstrates how that assumption supports a biological explanation of human behaviour.

Question 10
(A) Define reductionism in the context of the biological perspective.
(B) Illustrate and evaluate the reductionist approach in explaining one behaviour from the biological perspective.

Examine what is meant by ‘biological determinism’.