An overview of IB Psychology

Source: Psychology, International Baccalaureate Online Curricululm Centre, retrieved 27/5/2008

Diploma Programme

Psychology (for examinations from 2003 to 2010)

Distinction between higher level (HL) and standard level (SL)

HL students study four perspectives (biological, cognitive, learning and humanistic); SL students study three perspectives (biological, cognitive and learning).
HL students study two options from a choice of seven (comparative, cultural, dysfunctional, health, lifespan, psychodynamic, social), SL students study one option.
HL students study research methodology in more depth than SL students. For example, an understanding of statistical significance is required at HL but not SL. Study of qualitative methods is required at HL but not SL.
HL and SL students conduct and report upon an experimental study. Application of an inferential statistical test and incorporation of related research (other than the published study on which the student’s experimental study is based) into the introduction and discussion sections of the report are required at HL but not SL.

Prior learning

No prior study of psychology is expected.

Course overview

IBO Assessment Model

This is separate from the assessment we will be doing in class that will be the basis of grades for SAS Pudong school reports.